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AyurGens Raktha Shodha

Ayurgens Raktha Shodha is ablend of Ayurvedic Herbs with potentblood purification, immuno-modulatory and detoxification properties. It controls and regulates the Immune system by supporting the natural cleansing mechanisms of our body. Lymphatic system and Internal Organs.It promotes healthy skin and supports the body’s natural inflammatory response and its ability to heal wounds Ingredients: Rubia Cordifolia: 200mg, Azadirachta Indica : 100mg, Ocimum Tenuiflorum : 100 mg, Phyllanthus Emblica : 1000 mg Precautions : Special care should be taken for children below 14 years of age as they may find it difficult to swallow Capsules. Consult with a physician if you are pregnant, Nursing or having any Pre-Existing Health conditions.

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Qty: 30 Capsules
Price: 120/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)

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